Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I'm a South African living in Boston, USA. When I first started to buy food here (after college), I discovered that the less that had been done to the food, the more expensive it seemed to be. So healthy food comes at a high premium, perhaps because it has travelled so far.

Health shouldn't be the privilege of the most wealthy, so this blog is about learning to grow healthy food with limited space, sun and resources, and finding other ways to be healthy without going to Whole Foods.

So, I'm not super-organic but I think there should be small things that we can do-- be it growing food on our balconies, freezing meals, getting a community garden plot, or trying out food we're scared of (admit it, some food is just scary).

In this blog I'm beginning to learn about how to do this. Ideas for what you would like to learn about are also welcome.

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