Saturday, March 7, 2009


Jo Hunter Adams

Introducing the washer:

And Dryer:

Eug and I have done about three loads so far, and the concensus so far is that it's a good experience (check in with us in a few weeks...)

The biggest challenge is making sure the clothes are well rinsed. The drum shoots the soapy water through the clothes, but putting clean water in after the soapy water drains doesn't completely de-soap the clothes. So rinsing seems to be by hand, for now. The loads are also pretty small so we probably need to wash twice a week.

The dryer is AWESOME. Clothes are almost completely dry after about 2 minutes, and after hanging for a day they're totally dry.

In total, washing and drying a load of washing takes about 15 minutes, so it's totally doable if I could drag myself out of bed a little earlier (which right now, after daylight savings, I can't).

More soon, but for those of you in tiny apartments or in cold climates where drying outside is not necessarily practical, this system is full of potential.

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Bobsie Hunter said...

Wow... seems pretty good. Nice find.