Sunday, January 2, 2011

How Not to Get Your Baby to Sleep through the Night

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Before we received some surprise shortening from a friend, we tried this pie crust recipe and liked it a lot. It's a step up from the no-roll crust (a little more work), and you definitely notice it in the texture and taste of the crust.
I keep going back to Enjoying the Small Things because I always feel refreshed after reading.
And, in case you need some inspiration for reducing your plastic consumption.

Things are busy here in the Adams household, as we prepare to move (again- within Boston though!) and visit South Africa, while working and taking care of Noah.

And Noah, oh Noah. We were having pretty significant difficulties getting him back to sleep when he wakes up in the middle of the night, so we decided we'd try having his little mattress and our little mattress on the floor, side by side. And it was awesome, at first. He was SO happy to be so close to us, he just went right to sleep if Eug so much as patted him. And then that wasn't quite enough. He didn't like to be moved after he ate. Then, at some point I don't quite remember, he decided that occasionally he'll try to climb the only dangerous piece of furniture as soon as he woke up. In the dark. Then he decided he was only fully comfortable if he had his leg kinda over my waist after eating. And last night, he decided not only does he need to be on the floor with us, in bed with us, eating on demand, with his leg over my waist for assurance, he also likes it if I could just scratch his back. Continuously. All night.

This seems to be pretty much the textbook what not to do, but hey, we prefer it to crying. For now. And he's teething and sick so it always seems like a bad time to make life difficult. Our plan is to try to stop feeding him at night when we get back from South Africa and have made our move to Allston.

Sorry readers, I know this post is not very related to anything. But we are getting rid of the box spring since we're just sleeping on the mattress on the floor, so I guess that counts as a move towards simplicity...

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leah said...

We weaned Harvey off night feedings at 1 year, and we just weaned him off morning feedings last week. The older they get, the more there's a distinction between crying and whining, and that makes the process easier to take I think.