Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mom and Dad's Garden

Here in Boston, the time has come to start planting seedlings indoors! We have survived winter! Even if it feels really cold, where there's the possibility of new plant life, there must be the hope of spring.

My parent's garden really inspired me while we were in South Africa. My dad loves growing fruit trees and in a fairly thin strip by the side of the house, my dad has plum trees, apricot trees, peach trees, grape vines, corn, strawberries, zucchini, tomatoes, ground cherries, and more. Most days my dad is out there checking what the garden needs. I felt really inspired to try to make the most of whatever garden I have.

My mom is also hoping to get chickens, so if you want to add your voice to encourage her, please do. The main concern is the rooster waking up the neighbors, but I feel like every neighbor has their own quirks (ours quirk is that we have a noisy baby in an apartment complex), and so my mom's rooster could be theirs.

Brown bags that one gets from the chemist/pharmacy cover the grapes, as an alternative to spraying

In the background, you can see the bonsai my parents have been patiently caring for the past five years.  You can also see me stealing a strawberry, and my mom at the door.

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