Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Birthday Party at the Park

This year Eli turned one and Noah will turn three. In celebration, we decided to invite friends and family to join us at the park this past Sunday. We focused on Noah, since Eli couldn't care less about whether it was his party.

We made Eli wear Hanbok before the party, and he didn't like it one bit. So we quickly took it off, after trying to take 100000 photos.

The afternoon was lovely.  The kids could just play and the adults chat and play and eat, depending on their preference. People seemed fine with bringing their own cups, and we shared spoons to eat the ice-cream (though they might not have known it). I have never tried to organise a party without (with less?) waste, and I found that it was not too difficult- food in glass jars, drinks in deposit bottles or reusable glass, compostable paper napkins for holding food if necessary.

South African parks would be illegal in the U.S. Here Eli climbs a slide that's about 2.5 m tall, made of metal, with large dangerous holes everywhere to freak me out.
But he made it to the bottom fine. 

Eli has started walking but he still prefers to crawl.
We just laid out all the food on the ground, and had a cooler fill of drinks and ice cream. 

Noah gets ready to blow out candles.
Later, after it was cooling down and getting dark, my mom managed to get this picture of both of them.


Darren B said...

Happy Birthday Eli. You're a really handsome young man and you have an awesome family!

Concrete Gardener said...

Thank you Darren! I hope he'll meet you guys one day!