Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Ok, so we thought we'd go away for a couple of days. Originally it was so that my dad could have a retreat at our house, but then he didn't have house guests so he didn't really need a retreat. And last time he had a "retreat" at our house we didn't have 2 guinea pigs, 6 ducks and 6 chickens. So mainly we were just grateful. Anyway, there were several reasons that this holiday was not the greatest idea: #1 When we go away, we usually do some work. #2 Our oldest child hates change. #3 Our youngest child hates sitting in a car and is in that stage where we think we may have turned all of our kids into non-sleepers. #4 It costs money. So Eug said we shouldn't say we're going on holiday. We should call it something else, or stay home. Better the farm you know than the farm you don't.

On the other hand, I scored 12 fruit trees, 3 blackberries, and 1 banana palm-- AND I managed to fit them all in the boot of our car. Yeah. We only go to a farm that is in the town of the best garden nursery in the Western Cape. I'm a bit too strategic.

My dad managed to get the chickens to lay some eggs-- literally hours after we left the farm. 11 eggs, 3 days.

We (Eug) managed to take some pictures that remind us (me) that the kids have changed and grown a lot in the past few months, and not to be too grumpy about being needed.

have my book so I don't go off script on my tree purchases. Trying to figure out how to fit trees given boys taking up space...

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