Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March 2017: Pictures...

Hope you had a great March.  

There are signs of rain, and I am gearing up for planting season, and taking stock of what has done well this summer (fever tree/acacia karoo/senegalensia, guava, apricot, some granadillas, pomegranates, some almonds but not others, mulberry) and what has just survived (most citrus, avocado, pecans)

Here are some pictures from our month!

Chickens have been struggling with fleas-- diatomaceous earth is really good for getting rid of fleas, but I think Lohman browns (the most standard/common breed of laying hens) seem more susceptible than Boschvelders.

The geese look threatening sometimes -- perhaps because they're as big as Hana-- but they're actually friendly and gentle with us. 
Car selfie?

Gentle with those little starfish!
Sea urchins!

Eli has started taking photos every day-- consistently it's his favourite memory of the day. All the photos that follow are taken by him.

Free-range guinea pigs. Perry--  Can you spot Little One in the background?

Last month I shared Eli's story, and this month I wanted to share Noah's story, which he illustrated and wrote, and also narrated (Eug makes some of the boys' stories into animation for them). If you enjoy it, please write a comment or click like. Noah was super brave to narrate, as he's been working on his speech for a while. 


Kate said...

Great work, Noah! I loved it.

Danny said...

I love the penguin photos! Especially the one where Hana and the penguin are each sitting for a portrait. I'm curious to hear why your planting season coincides with ours.. is it because your winters are wetter?

Concrete Gardener said...

I'm still quite focused on getting in our fruit trees, so that may be one reason it's getting to be my planting season, but also because we can grow one winter crop (spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage) without any irrigation. Next year, I'm hoping summer will be a big planting season because I'll set up drip irrigation, via a hand pump, on our annual garden. This summer was so dry that without an efficient watering system (which was illegal this summer), annual vegetables just couldn't survive. The summer is the nice long season for tomatoes, peppers, eggplant etc. But the two also run into eachother-- I'll start my tomatoes indoors in June, then I can actually get tomatoes without irrigation if I plant out in late July/August. We have some rain usually May-September, but the weather has been tough the last couple of years.