Sunday, June 4, 2017

May 2017: Preparing to leave, Toronto, Boston.

As always there was a lot happening amongst our animals in May, and we were preparing to leave the farm, which took a huge amount of work. Near the end of the month, we left for me to present at a conference in Toronto, and we're now in Boston. 

Traveling is not very easy on Noah in particular, so we're not sure whether we made the right choice. Still, here we are, and being here does change our perspective and give us new ways of looking at our lives, values, and priorities (and how we help Noah with transitions). Best of all, we get to see old friends, as well as Eug's mom and brother, here in Boston.

sensory play??? (making a mess with flour)

Someone dropped off seven fluffy chickens with us...Literally. While we were out they came and dropped them off.
Eli's precious guinea pig, Golden, was killed this month by some kind of predator. We think it was a ghenet. Our last guinea pig, Little One, is living indoors...

Pirate with parrot.

For Noah's birthday, we went to the National Museum and to World of Birds. This is World of Birds.

Spider monkeys at World of Birds.

Noah's birthday cake. I am not the greatest cake baker (always adding beetroot and black beans and such things), so Noah asked if I could buy a cake for him. I did! It helped that I had a rare sixteen hour work day the day before his birthday celebration.

Last visit to the acquarium before our membership expires (we probably won't renew for a while.)
Kids making a marble run out of gutters, and looking ridiculous.

Noah takes Hana down the street...

Mammoth painting!

starting out in Cape Town

On the airplane.

Eli meets the glyptodon at the Ontario museum! The Ontario museum was a highlight for us.


gallery in Toronto-- we didn't go in...

The hotel had a playroom

Rabbits in the playroom in Toronto.

This Toronto playground was amazing

Toronto city airport... tired. The airport has free snacks and coffee!

Lovely Boston park...

We're so indebted to our friends Dan and Leah, who are lending us their precious bikes. We going to hopefully be fitter and have a new perspective on Boston by the end of June!

Grateful for the chance to ride a different cargo bike. The Madsen is heavier than the Bullitt, but easier to ride. Hana and Eli are loving it.

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