Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Amazing Purple Peppers

Our purple peppers have grown in quantity and size, as you can see. The thing is, although it is easy to buy the plant, I had no idea how they compare to green, orange or red peppers. I've done some research and now I'm happy about our exciting purple peppers.

First of all, they're very shiny and beautiful. And apparently quite expensive and hard to buy, which makes me feel proud. However, when they are cooked they apparently turn a khaki colour, which doesn't sound so nice. I (we)'ll let you know how it goes. People also use them in salad, but we don't eat a lot of salad so maybe we will give it to people who do, or we will start eating salad.

Other information if you're also growing purple bells: Early harvesting makes them taste more grassy than green peppers (but still closer in taste to purple than to red). They turn green as they ripen, and eventually become red. They are the least sweet of the bell peppers.

I'll keep seeds and grow seedlings if you're interested in trying out purple peppers for yourself next spring. Hopefully they will be a great source of food and enjoyment.

Next: an update on the roof garden and an update on our tomatoes (who are huge)

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