Thursday, July 26, 2007

Freezing herbs

Our herbs are growing well. Particularly the basil and parsley is now ready to begin being cut. Perfectly organic, very fresh.

The only thing is, there's only so much basil you can eat. (Unless you make pesto)

In which case, freezing for the winter is an excellent option. I've just started doing this and will post photos. Basically, you chop up the herbs as much as you can, then place them in an ice cube tray, filling up each cube to about half. Then, you fill the tray with water and freeze them. You can then take them out and wrap them in cling wrap or in a ziplock (depending on what quantity you will use at one time).

When you need a meal with that herbs, just drop the ice cube in! Provided it's a hot dish, the water amount is negligible and should not affect the consistency of your meal.

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