Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tea (and Coffee)

Caffeine-free tea has become a new favourite of mine, because we got two beautiful tea pots for our wedding. Having a pot of tea that retains heat (as the one in the picture does) nearby helps me to avoid wanting to constantly get up from my work/reading/studying to find food or a snack. I recommend having tiny tea cups (as found in Chinese restuarants) so that the tea in the cup doesn't have a chance to get cold. Rooibos tea, a South African tea that is available all over the world these days, is considered to be really good for your stomach and circulatory system.

My dad had an excellent suggestion for those left over coffee and tea grounds. They're usually acidic, so they're a great addition to soil nourishing acid-loving plants. An example of an acid loving plant is the tomato plant. It's a great way to avoid throwing away grounds if you don't have the space or garden for a compost heap.

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