Sunday, September 16, 2007

Alfie the Bonsai

My brother and sister-in-law are starting to make bonsai trees. This is their baby, alfie, who is soon going to be made into a bonsai (maybe next year). Bonsai are an amazing example of how nature can be brought into a small space. A couple of Bonsai sites for those living in the NE United States:

The Bonsai society of New York:
The American Bonsai Association:
Evergreen Garden Works (Bonsai Articles):
Article on the challenge of Indoor Bonsai:

Although the internet is a great resource for learning bonsai, it's also a good idea to get books to help you along (even online books!) I tend to read at the bookstore just to get hints from a wide range of books. I'm going to try to go a bit deeper when my trees from the arbor society arrive in November!

Until soon!

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