Friday, April 2, 2010

Exciting Times: Conferre Issue 1

When Eug began his own design agency in October of last year, he had the idea of starting an online magazine. He invited me to join him in the venture, and the first issue came out today: Check out Conferre's first issue!]

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Some background:
Conferre in latin means “to confer” or “to bring together”. The goal of the magazine will be to bring together men and women from around the world who are seeking innovative solutions to a wide variety of social and economic problems.

Our goal is to make it a work of love and fun. As editors, it gives us the chance to connect with cool people and be inspired by others. As a designer, it’s a chance to experiment with design work and have fun. We’re not following any rules of publishing as we’re pretty much outsiders to the publishing world and we’re open to letting it just evolve over time and see what happens. But we promise to keep it to the standard of a work we love.

“Working Locally, Thinking Globally” is the theme for the inaugural issue. The goal is to cover as many ideas, people and organizations in the greater Boston area who, in small or big ways are contributing to local actions that have global impact. For example, fair trade activists, researchers, sustainable farmers, social entrepreneurs, artists…

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