Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Updates and Stuff

Hi everyone,

Happy Easter! As you saw in the previous post, Eug's first issue of Conferre Magazine came out on Friday.

I've encountered a lot of super-excited pregnant people at our labor and delivery class, on the street... seemingly everywhere. For some reason, I haven't been able to give myself over completely to that excitement. I'm pretty conscious of the struggles couples have to get to pregnancy and through pregnancy, and in general I'm not that great at seeing huge life changes until after the fact.

That said, I like the idea of asking God to be present in the moment, to help deal with that moment or situation on it's own terms. As much as anything, it's allowed me to break out of that feeling of "oh my God oh my God oh my God" overwhelmedness.

In other news, we've been enjoying an exchange of stuff in our lives. Most notably, we now have a car (thanks to a friend and my mother-in-law), which is a huge life-changer for us both. I'm slightly nostalgic for our carefree car-free months, but practically speaking it might have been hard to do parenting and working in Watertown without a car.

Secondly, I've been manically posting things to give away on freecycle and trying to clear space for the baby. Our balcony at the top of the staircase(which isn't technically ours) is finally close to being clear.

Finally, on our walk on Sunday to drop off some clothes in the clothes donation box, we found:
A baby cookbook and a tapas cookbook.
A free bag of fancy, mostly new cleaning supplies, shampoo and conditioner (yeah!)
A ladybird baby toy that vibrates when you pull the handle.
And, someone on freecycle gave us about 90 disposable diapers-- a great start during the crazy days when we probably won't be up for cloth diapering. All that seems like provision...

Our seedlings are coming up well, and they'll be ready for their first photo shoot soon!

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Danny said...

Yay for seedlings! I need to take some more pictures of mine too. They grow so fast: even faster than babies!

Also, I'm totally with you on the "not really feeling changes until they actually happen" thing. Because really, I mostly feel--and especially felt before Harvey was born--that I had no idea what things were going to be like. Why even try to imagine? I'm am told that there are people who take some advantage from visualizing and the like, but that just doesn't work for me.

I hope you guys had a wonderful Easter!