Monday, September 27, 2010

On Really Spicy Chilies

Eug cooked a chili that was so hot that we actually had to leave the house, we were coughing so much. Poor Noah's cough is really pitiful. Even sitting on the porch, I occasionally got a wave of chili hotness. Our upstairs neighbor, on their porch, also started coughing. Go Red Fire Farm for making chilies this hot!

Which reminds me of the time I almost killed Meera's parents, not realizing that her chili pepper was Indian (and so much, much stronger). I've never been able to go back and make amends.

In other, slightly unrelated news, our neighbors on the second floor of our house were inspired by our garden (which is in fact, generally uninspiring!) and decided they'd like to start one too! That made me feel like this year's rather sad garden was still worth it. Maybe our house will forever have larger and larger garden areas as tenants come and go.

Our friend Don has moved into our old apartment on the top floor, so our house feels that much more homey. We're splitting the cost of internet, rather than him getting a new subscription, which also feels great.

Lastly, our washer/washing machine broke about 3 weeks ago, and our landlord said he'd get a new one for two weeks then said that he wasn't going to fix or replace it. [I was really upset. Wasn't that the reason we moved: to have laundry? I've gotten over it.] For those of you using cloth diapers, you know what the lack of a washing machine means. And I'm Way Too Cheap to buy disposables. So Noah, Eug and I have been juggling things (Eug has been awesome about doing a load anytime he goes over to Radcliffe.) (Noah's contribution has been wearing little pants instead of diapers) So, we bought a new washer on the weekend, and on Tuesday Noah will be back to being sure of his diaper future.

It's been a really busy time for us, but we were able to have lunch (just Eug and I) on Saturday, thanks to Eug's mom taking care of Noah. Noah started taking only 30 minute naps since I returned to work, but since the pediatrician explained that that wasn't sufficient, I've been on Project Noah Nap, not least because longer naps will make Eug's day a kajillion times easier. There's light on the horizon! This weekend he slept a ton. That said, we're still struggling a little at night.

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