Monday, August 1, 2011

The Power of Thirty Day Challenges

Is there anything you'd like to try for thirty days? I'm a dismal thank you card writer (or dismal with real mail altogether), so this month I wanted to send a piece of mail, or give something to someone, every day.  I failed, but I still sent many more thank yous than in previous months, and even got to send a couple of real packages. I was also much more conscious of the needs of the people around me.  So, a failed thirty day challenge but a successful month.

Eug decided to learn a new word every day.  I stopped asking him on the days that I'd failed to send something by mail, but I think he did it!

I'm thinking of what to do this next thirty days. I like that Thirty Day Challenges mark the passing of time, more than the specific need to be constantly goal setting, which may be setting ourselves up for failure unless they're small, fun things. Any suggestions?

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