Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Visiting the Milk.

Cheap person that I am, switching to good milk has been hard. I now have a budget line for milk.  Noah was the precipitating factor in the switch.

We get milk in glass bottles from Crescent Ridge Dairy. They don't claim to be organic, but they're local (in Sharon, MA) and you can see the cows when we visited the farm-- they seem very happy, as cows go. And the farm uses glass to store their milk, which helped us reduce our use of plastic a lot and is the real reason we drink their milk over all the other organic kinds that cost about the same. They also deliver to homes, but that's only economical if you're a family of 12.

A few weeks ago we decided to visit since we were down at Ikea, which is nearby, and we had coupons for free ice-cream. The dairy was lovely. The ice cream portions were HUGE, and the ice-cream was incredible. Unfortunately, the ice-cream was served in plastic, which I thought was unnecessary, given that it's pretty easy to serve in paper containers. I'll write to them and let you know what they say.

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