Monday, November 21, 2011


I am writing this on TextEdit, ready to copy and paste in seconds once I get online- internet is very expensive. So far we've visited Barcelona, where we got ice-cream, and today we're in Cadiz. We're not good at being tourists, but when you're in a place for just a couple of hours it's hard to be anything different. If I knew how to get to somewhere non-touristy in Cadiz or Tenerife (Spaniards, help), I would buy plates. We're praying that it won't rain, as is forecast. 

Leah, if you're reading, I forgot how to pick up and knit! We don't have enough internet to learn online, so I'm planning on just looking desperate and hoping one of the older ladies will take mercy on me.   

I have been thinking a lot about the strangeness of the cruise ship- guest quarters that carefully hide all signs of staff, and so on. I need to put these thoughts into words, as it's a very strange experience. We're doing very well, though.

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leah said...

i'll email you directions... maybe you can download them quick to your phone...