Sunday, July 8, 2012

Settling in

Our first guests from Boston have arrived and, after six months knee deep in tools and dust, we feel settled and happy in our house. If you're interested, here are some pictures of the house back in January. I'll post more pictures gradually.

Noah's pictures are getting better
Here's two before pictures of the bathroom:

And one "during" picture, to give you a sense of where Eug had to start from- he had to figure out how to rebuild the walls of crumbling brick, he learned how to solder copper pipes and had to figure out how to run the PVC pipes from the washing machine under the tile:

Here's a partial view of what the bathroom looks like now.  One of our favorite things is the little people shower head and the big people shower head. Noah loves it.

Don't use big tiles. Trust us.

My other favorite thing is that the roof (which is our staircase) is visible through the plexiglass. Can you see it?

Eli doesn't care as long as he's fed and warm.

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Unknown said...

Wow, shower is looking great! Can't wait to see the final product, I'm sure it's going to look awesome! That's the great thing about having a designer hubby (and practical too!), it doesn't matter how it looks at the start, or how it gets there, it's going to look cool in the end.

I also like the bathroom upstairs - the black walls actually look pretty good, I wouldn't have thought of that colour for the bathroom but it goes really well with the bath. Have you done much work upstairs as well, or is that the original bathroom?

Fireplace also looks cozy, wish we had one too, we have to put up with a plain old heater... :/ I love fireplaces...

And finally... congrats on the couch! It looks very comfy, I'm not surprised Noah is enjoying it so much :)