Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday Links

Over at My Plastic-Free Life Terry writes about canned food producers not revealing what they're using in can lining instead of BPA. When we arrived in Cape Town, we decided not to buy a can opener. It's slightly limiting, but it means I never have to look at parts of the grocery store, and I don't have to decide again and again whether to eat canned/tinned food- the choice has been made by simply not having an opener. In Boston, our main canned foods were pineapple chunks and peeled tomatoes- both because they were much cheaper than their fresh counterpart. What canned foods do you eat, and how can you avoid them if you'd like to?

I was inspired by this story of a mom who rides her six kids around on a bike! We initially hoped that we'd be a biking-only family, only to find it wasn't practical right this second. So I'm tucking it away on the blog so that it stays on my mind in the next couple of years, as we try different projects. When I look how far we've come, I know we'll get there soon, and that when we do, it'll be a joy, as it is for Emily, the mom in this post.

I came across Clare's blog when she commented on an unschooling post. I had a lot of fun browsing around, so if you need some unschooling-with-young-kids-inspiration, check out her blog!

I've occasionally written about my experience in an abusive church here on Concrete Gardener, but it's not been a primary forum for this experience. For those of you who have been similarly hurt, I want to encourage you to check out Darren's page where he provides a comprehensive resource all on one page. The books he recommends were also helpful to me.

As Rhonda says over at Down to Earth when she does her weekend reading: get a nice cup of tea, sit down, relax, and read!

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