Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cheetahs, Meerkats, Tortoises, and Peacocks.

We took EeCh to the cheetah rescue in Somerset West recently. It was to be our first time seeing cheetahs, and we were pretty excited. Excited enough to lock the keys in the car. So Eli and I stayed outside the rescue to figure out how to break into our car, while EeCheng, Eug and Noah had their "encounter with predators" (and some meerkats). 

It's one of those things that is traditionally stressful yet somehow wasn't terribly so. Each moment followed the next, EeCh was taking millions of pictures of cheetahs, the kiddies were happy, it wasn't too cold, and I didn't mind not seeing the cheetahs. Instead, I got to chat with the property's security guys, experience their kindness, and learn about breaking into cars. They didn't have any equipment and assured me this wasn't "their thing", but they managed to help me get in with just a crowbar and a wire, though it took an hour or so. We kept on reflecting on how easy it always seems in the movies. 

Grapetiser played a significant role in happiness. A worker at the rescue moved Noah away from the fence, and this is all he retells from his adventure. He was appalled that a stranger touched him.  The grapetiser was the best thing to heal the hurt.

He got to see tortoises at Lourensford Wine Estate, where we went after the Cheetahs

Fancy jungle gym.

Babycino, an essential part of a meal.

Eli willingly accompanies us on all adventures, provided I feed him often and hold him close. 
Noah meets his first Peacock. He also stopped wearing shoes at some point, I'm not sure why.


Danny said...

My brother and sister-in-law just came back from visiting family in Gabon, where their two-year-old was traumatized by the touchy attention of non-family members. Apparently kids there are habituated at an early age to being picked up by people who aren't their parents. We don't do that here in New England! Harvey would have been just as unhappy as Noah was, I'm sure.

Also, Harvey never ends an outing with shoes on, regardless of the initial state. Zion's recently decided that he's a fan of them, though; also he can't take his off by himself.

emily said...

I <3 naked babies cooking! :)

Concrete Gardener said...

Em- I love that your comment isn't on the page where Noah was cooking naked, so your comment just seems like you want to tell the world that you like seeing naked babies cooking =). Hehe.