Saturday, August 4, 2012

Two Weeks of Adventures

We have had many adventures the past couple of weeks. We showed Eug's mom and brother around, and enjoyed having adventures even after they left.
I asked Eug to take a picture so that I remembered the first time I saw whales. There are two out there, but our camera didn't have zoom. It's in Hout Bay, and it's early for whales.

Eli loves getting help sitting up.

It's winter but Noah ran into the tidal pool at Camps Bay, clothes and all. It was a warm day so we thought "why not"! 

Eli is starting to develop his little personality and he's also awake most of the day already. He's not quite as portable, so we're learning to stay home a little more. He's already wearing 6-12 month old clothing. I love that, despite being new to the area and having just a few friends, we've been amply supplied with clothing on loan, and haven't had to buy one thing so far. 

This palm is growing out of a rock in Camps Bay! Isn't it amazing! It must have virtually no soil.

I learned that oats actually look like this! Who knew! We've started having whole oats and brown rice porridge for breakfast, and they are wonderfully filling.
We were able to take a really quick trip to Signal Hill in the middle of the day. That's Cape Town stadium down below, built for the World Cup. It was REALLY cold up there!

At home, I'm figuring out ways to let Eli practice using all his muscles, laying him on his back or tummy. These are the outside cushions, because on warm days our little back area is a good place for Noah to go wild and have adventures.
This is our tree- which next year will be firewood. We've ring barked it and are gradually cutting it down. It's a real, large tree despite the fact that our back area is way too tiny for a large tree to grow without destroying walls. It's sad to cut it down but we'll make good use of the back area without it.

Noah is not ready to share just yet. But he's starting to bring Eli stuff. We're trying not to push it.
We recently discovered Noordhoek beach. It's lovely, if windy, and Noah really enjoyed playing in the rocks.

I liked how bright it was.

I love that we get to visit different beaches and playgrounds a few times a week. We feel really blessed to have the time. 
Eug and Noah went to the furthest rock, until Noah was a bit scared of the crashing waves and wanted to come back.

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