Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our first visit to Groot Constantia Wine Estate

We recently visited Groot Constantia Wine Estate, one of the oldest and largest wine estates in South Africa. It's a fun place to walk around and take in the beauty that is Cape Town. You feel like you might be in a park in Spain or France- the pressed earth paths and very old (Dutch style) houses make the time and place ambiguous. There were a lot of tourists when we were there, and several Chinese tourists started exclaiming and photographing us when they saw our family.

The estate is at least partially publicly owned: it's free to enter and walk around.

everything is that beautiful shade of spring green at the moment.

This weekend was the crossover point between Cape Town and Boston- the first couple of days that Cape Town was consistently warmer than Boston. I think it'll be warmer until mid-late May.

The vines are only just starting to get their new shoots and leaves for the year.

No baboons today, but I can testify to their scariness- last week a baboon snuck up and stole bread at the Tokai market, and he was so big I felt immediately threatened. I miss those tiny (though naughty) Durban monkeys.

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Danny said...

It's so nice reading about Southern Hemisphere spring here and in Sparkling Adventures. Not that I have anything against fall, of course, but it's nice to experience some warming joy vicariously as we move towards winter ourselves!