Sunday, January 27, 2013

They're Playing together! Sortof.

Noah has been gradually having fewer tantrums. Trying to make life very predictable has helped, as has playing hide [like hide and seek, without the seeking] a good part of the day. We've also made youtube/game time very infrequent by being willing to play games we don't really like that much (hiding under desks). Or maybe he's just growing out of tantrums as his verbal skills improve. Life with tiny children is up and down, so I'm hanging on to this as a really good time for us!

This is about half our tomato harvest- I'm only sort of joking.

This is my gran's hat. We're all wearing it a lot as a tangible reminder of her. Eli less than willingly.

I've started to experiment with sprouting, and these brown lentils are not bad. I can't imagine eating handfuls of them yet, but they're good for nibbling.

Noah has had a tumultuous couple of months, and so I've been trying to lower my expectations for the number of things I can do in a day, and instead focus on Noah and Eli as much as possible. Then occasionally, there'll be a day when Eli naps incredibly well, and Noah wants to help cook and bake. Then this happens. 
Pregnancy Rock. [I'm not pregnant] This is a rock I bought at the Congolese store, meant for pregnant women to eat for a healthy pregnancy, and to keep morning sickness at bay. I've heard of Latin American women eating dirt during pregnancy but I was interested to learn that it's not just in one part of the world.

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