Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Swimming with the Penguins

There's something about going to the beach that helps our family a lot. We calm down, slow down, and I enjoy my smallness in relation to the massive ocean and the way things just seem to work in nature (if there's no interference), without any worry or much fear or control.

Our favourite beach at the moment is Boulders, or the Penguin beach. We go early and climb over the rocks and wade through the water until we reach our own little secluded spot, where we sit alone but for the penguins. We don't prepare too much, because the clambering means we can't hold much. We take our Kleen Kanteens with home made ice-cream, some cookies and fruit and water. A change of clothes for the kids. No towels, no toys, no umbrellas.

Noah wears his Italian Moon shirt in honour of Leah, who sewed it, and Lia, who gave it to me a long time ago, and [today?] became an MP. Yes. Our Lia.
I don't think she meant to lay an egg right there. 
Because it was super high tide, all the penguins were bunched together. We were careful not to bother them.
Also because it was high tide, the penguins were swimming like crazy. When I see them swimming I can tell that they belong in the water. And I'm slower to giggle when I see them waddling on land. Perhaps a deep metaphor? 
There was no beach so we camped out on a rock and spent lots of time in the water.

We even got to have home made ice-cream.

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