Friday, June 7, 2013

From Winter to summer

We're in Korea, where it's really hot at the moment (which made me want to share a video of Noah feeding Eli in front of the fire in Cape Town, last week. Please excuse the Josh Groban. Or if you like Josh, please excuse me excusing him). We haven't travelled much during Eli's life, and we don't take it lightly. Last week, we suddenly felt like we were in a good enough space (getting more sleep, fewer tantrums, had enough money and time) to make the trip to Eug's mom, who has been missing the children a lot. There were cheap tickets leaving Wednesday so we went ahead and booked.

Before we left, this is what life looked like:


We got Noah a 1/8 size violin for his birthday, because violin was a good part of my growing up and I wanted to see if he would like it to be part of his.  
Our sourdough bread is going better and better- this is 100% whole wheat and I've been experimenting with different ways of getting better taste and rise.
Noah likes putting all these numbers on him, with Eli cheering him on.
Anyway, the trip went pretty well, considering we had two small children and not a lot of space for over 24 hours. 2 trains, 2 planes, one bus ride later, we're safely in Seoul with Eug's family. I noticed that it went well because we were expecting it to be horrific, because we asked for prayer, because we knew we wouldn't sleep, and because Eug and I were trying really hard to make jokes and take care of eachother. Here's to a really good stay!


leah said...

This is great news! I was praying for you.

We also gave Harvey and Zion little violins this spring. They have mostly used them as guns, and Harvey already broke his bow.

Jo Hunter Adams said...

Why are you guys so funny?

Eug says he thinks our lives are running in parallel (we are also getting a cargo bike, but more on that later), and that, come to think of it, he also used his violin (case) as a bazooka. Oh well. We'll see what happens.

Emily Hunter said...

Jo I'm so busy lately and I miss keeping up with you!.. Sorry to fixate on material things but... having had the same last name, been mistaken for you, having nearly been named Ruth, it is funny to see random objects in your pictures that we have at home. I have the old maroon chewed on Ergo, and the waterbottle with the green kiddie top.. Quite odd...

Emily Hunter said...

Jo, I've been so busy lately, I miss keeping up with you!... Not to fixate on the material world too much but... Having had the same last name, been mistaken for you, having nearly been named Ruth, it is so bizarre to see random objects in your pictures that we have around the house. I have the same old maroon (mine is chewed on and unwashed) ergo, and the wee water bottle with the green sip top adapter dohickey.. very odd...