Monday, July 15, 2013

Imaginary Friends and Real Conversations

In the spirit of not forgetting later on, Noah's imaginary friend Humar has become a real threat. He gives Noah whatever he wants, particularly lots and lots of straws and juice boxes. He also gives Noah Breast milk. "In a bottle", Noah says. Awesome.

At the park today, the following conversation:

Me: It's really cold and windy! Should we get out of the wind? I'm afraid that you guys are going to get really sick!
Noah: Don't worry! Don't worry! It's ok. I'll save you!
Me: Oh... uhh..
Noah: The monsters are coming! They're coming into the park!
Me: They have a key to the park? (Obs parks have a key)
Noah: Yes! They have a key!!
Me: Oh. What will they do in the park?
Noah: They're going to take the carseats out of the car!!!
Noah: And put them in the house!!!!!
Me: So are they doing something bad or just kindof doing us a service?
Noah: They're doing us a service. Nice monsters.
Me: Oh! Cool?
Noah: Yeah, very cool. I haven't seen nice monsters in a long time! I want one monster for my birthday. One nice monster.

Then we finally went home and Eli walked the whole way- it took forever. He kept wanting to walk in the road and when I tried to explain traffic he either got mad or laughed at me. He also went into three people's houses and got angry when I tried to say that we can't do that. On the positive side, I learned that the lady on my street I'm terrified of is actually just old and diabetic, and she was super happy that Eli broke in so she could talk to us.

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