Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Fish

I'm a bit slow to pick up on the fact that the world has a very new, very different Pope but it's finally hitting me: Check out this article.  I feel excited and hopeful- I am part of this story because it is a story of God and Jesus, not just of Catholicism.

The kids and I finally got out of the house after over a week of illness, and when I bought fish I experienced something quite beautiful: The man who filleted the fish looked me in the eye, told me Noah and Eli were beautiful, and said "God bless you"- and I felt the power of that blessing.

I have been feeling cynical after theft and the loss of loaned money recently. I felt taken advantage of because I realized I was testing my view of the world and so it was my perspective on the world- maybe even God- not individuals in specific circumstances, that were letting me down. I have a very complex and contradictory view of social justice, where I see myself as unjustly privileged yet don't look at people in need with much generosity and kindness. Watch this space, hopefully that'll change. I was reminded of the absurd costs of transportation for those living in townships in South Africa, and I wondered if there was another way to think of the losses, which are pretty trivial in the course of our lives. If the money is not really mine, then far be it from me to hold debts over other people. Actually, I think I just want to be more like Eug who has this remarkable ability to forget- really forget- debts and live in the present.


D said...

If you haven't heard of it, the WWF SASSI guide to sustainable fish choices might be of interest:

I keep the sms service number on my phone for quick checks when I'm out and about without internet

Concrete Gardener said...

Yes! I use this guide also- thank you for it! I'm sure readers will find it useful.