Monday, September 16, 2013

Green Point Park, Backyard graffiti, and the Book Lounge

Green Point is one park that I often take the kids to on Saturday mornings. It's all part of my strategy to go to places when they're at their quietest, and the park is quiet early on a Saturday morning, traffic slow, and we can explore pretty freely. It's full of interesting sections- ponds, fields, a playground especially for under 5s, as well as a guide to local medicinal herbs and some displays of how people used to live in the Cape many years ago. 

Enjoying the waterfountain before we were told it was only for looking at. 
One of the ponds had a family of Moorhens, and it was hard to stop Eli jumping in after them.
The under 5 playground has little tunnels.

Balance tires.

Noah is really into crafts of any kinds (so is Eli, which makes for lots of conflict). Here he decided to build an airplane with different colours for different sides.
Noah and Eli have gotten really into graffiti. They draw with chalk on everything outside.
Tough guy....

The kids have covered the back wall and floor, as well as our tires, with drawings of different kinds. The chalk on the wall just washes off with the rain. They sometimes use pastels on the tires.

This is a train map, equipped with stops where people can go to pee. 

Noah loves maps.
Having a small fridge means the kids can get in to get whatever they like. Sometimes a problem given that everything is in glass jars, which sometimes break when Eli overestimates his strength. Noah always goes for the cheese. Eli for the butter. Eli would eat butter if I let him. 

Our friend introduced us to the Book Lounge, which has story time every Saturday at 11am.  Last week, the British children's book author Polly Dunbar was reading/drawing out one of her stories and I was completely star struck. When it's busy, Eli is able to sit and listen and it's awesome. When it's not very busy, like in this picture, Eli tries to pull every book from every shelf.
Throwing large sharp objects.

The worms continue to be a great source of learning. We're struggling with fruit flies though, so more on that later.
I'm amazed that Eli is learning to hold the worms without squashing them.

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