Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mostert's Mill

We had the opportunity to visit the only working windmill south of the Sahara today. It's in Mowbray, just 5 minutes drive from our house, off the M3:

The mill was built in the late 1700s and is maintained by friends of the mill, who have apprenticed in how to maintain it. Once a month, the trained millers demonstrate the process and make about 6kg of milled flour. It's beautifully maintained and it's amazing to see the millstones at work (I've only read about it in Richard Scarrey books before!) - and you can apprentice there and learn how it all works! We'll definitely keep going back and get to know the mill as best we can.

Noah kept looking for Able Baker Charlie.

Up the stairs. Noah is pretty cautious about stairs but he was curious enough to brave two sets of stairs to look at the two upper levels of the windmill. 

Noah didn't care that much about the mill, but he really liked a dog that someone had brought along.

We got to spend time with my nephews, too!

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