Saturday, December 28, 2013

Makeshift Beach Shelters, Tomatoes, Pine Nuts...

It has been hot, hot, hot and we're just finishing off the last of the plum sauce from last year's plums, pictured here as plum-lemonade-coconut ice-cream (Emily, thank you so much for the little metal cups, we use them every day). This year's plums are just ripening on my dad's trees now.
Yesterday we went to see my brother fly his microlight parachute at Misty Cliffs/Soetwater. It was incredibly hot so my mom had the idea to build a shelter out of pieces of wood scattered on the beach. Genius, right?

Even though it was very, very hot, the water was extremely cold. Which did not stop the kids from running in and out of the waves, of course. 
This is the time of year where the pine trees are laden with cones, and any free time is spent cracking nuts. I'll write more about it soon. Despite the fact that it's ridiculously time-consuming, I still feel abundance  as I gradually accumulate enough nuts for our year's supply of pesto.
I now follow the Cape Town tides religiously, and go to different beaches depending on the tides. We go very early at the moment, because it's tourist season and most beaches are packed, and also because of the heat. I also follow the tides so that when it's low tide early-ish in the morning, I go with the kids to pick mussels. While I could probably go out closer to the waves to forage if I was by myself, the moon must be just right to forage safely with the kids.The best mussels are in open sea rather than tidal pools, accessible only during low tide.
Even though the early blight hit our tomatoes pretty hard because of unusually late summer, today I experienced even more abundance when I happened upon a set of GIANT cherry tomatoes growing on a compost pile at the ecovillage. We were able to get about 5kg of perfectly ripe cherry tomatoes, more than I was likely to get from mine in the best of times.

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