Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Business Recycling in Boston

I was learning about paper recycling, and had had no idea until I spoke to my husband that businesses must actually pay to recycle. This was a great disappointment to me. I guess it must be the cost of employees and trucks that makes recycling cost-ineffective for recyclers of large quantities. I wonder if it is legal for businesses to take recycling to recycling depots? This cost must deter so many businesses from attempting to recycle.

In Waltham, there are options for recycling to make it easier for businesses. Waltham is a wealthy suburb about 20-30 minutes outside of Boston. The interesting thing is that recycling is mandated in Waltham. I think it's just a matter of time before this is the case in Boston proper, but it would be great to begin preemptively.

I also found this resource on line for small businesses who want to recycle. There seem to be an infinite number of places to call, but it's still pretty daunting. If you're a small business in Boston who recycles, or wants to, could you tell me about your experiences?

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