Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Conferre Magazine: Food

Eug and I are excited to bring you the third issue of Conferre Magazine- which you can view in full screen by clicking below. If you enjoy reading the magazine, we'd love to hear more from you via the Conferre Magazine facebook page. The magazine is a non-profit free off-shoot of Eug's graphic design business, Conferre

As we complete the third issue of the magazine, Eug and I were talking about how one builds online community, which is something that's really applicable to Concrete Gardener. We have some ideas, but we're beginners.

It's hard to write posts that are helpful and generative, because much of the time I go with whatever is interesting to me. So I'd love advice and thoughts on how to go about building discussion here on Concrete Gardener. Discussion about discussion, I guess!

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