Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No More Ziplocs, and Concrete Gardener’s First Giveaway!

photo credit: Eug (conferre)

As you know, I’m working on eliminating ziplocs/little plastic baggies from our lives. I’ve been using plastic containers (pseudo tupperwares) as a reusable alternative, but as I phase out tupperwares and phase in glass, containers are not a perfect alternative to ziplocs because glass is so heavy.

So I was excited to find these FlipFlap Sacks by TheGreenCat on Etsy, made by hand. To make them, Cat uses fabric from discarded umbrellas, otherwise destined for the landfill. They’re beautiful, affordable, extremely compact (I was sent two in a regular business envelope) and well-made. Their size and weight are particularly exciting thing for me, as the little tupperwares seem to always do crazy things in my cupboard. They’re also machine washable.

Here’s what Cat writes about the story of the FlipFlap Sacks:
“I've always hated seeing useful items go to the landfill. I do my best to reuse and repurpose items.

I work in Times Square. On rainy days there seems to be a vendor on every corner selling $3 umbrellas. These umbrellas are no match for the gusty winds that can tear down the streets of Manhattan in a sudden storm. The discarded broken umbrellas are a frequent sight on the sidewalks during a rainstorm. Last year I got the idea to strip the fabric off the umbrellas and make them into something useful and thus the Blustery Day FlipFlap Sack was born. On rainy days I make sure to carry my small scissors, a pair of gloves and a plastic bag. This way I am ready to strip abandoned umbrellas no matter where I find them. I get some funny looks from bypassers but I always smile, knowing I'm keeping something out of the landfill for a while.”

And, our first giveaway here at Concrete Gardener, compliments of TheGreenCat: Leave a comment about how you’re thinking about reducing the amount of trash you produce (whatever your context-- it’s ok!), I’ll write down each of your names on pieces of paper and whichever commenter’s name Noah tries to eat first will receive one complimentary bag.  Winner will be drawn and announced a week from today.  You can even choose between purple and red!
Photo credit: Eug (Conferre)
GreenCat is also offering a 10% discount for all Concrete Gardener readers-- just use the discount code Concrete10 at checkout.

*Update: Noah chose Tiff as our bag winner!*


Echal0tte said...

My husband and I try and reduce our plastic bag use by using shopping with baskets we found that were made in Morocco.

Tiff said...

I reuse wrapping paper, ribbons, and glass jars and good tins for packaging baked goods to give as gifts.

Jen said...

I carry collapsable stainless steel chopsticks with me so that I don't need to use plastic utensils or the flimsy disposable chopsticks you get at restaurants.

Nice blog, by the way! I'd love to talk indoor gardening with you.

ems said...

When we're done with our toilet paper... just kidding... I rinse out paper milk and juice cartons, chop the tops off them and slide one inside another to make blocks for the wee-est man. Anders also poops once every 3 days to help us conserve (compostable) nappy wipes ;) - could not resist the scatological.

Bridggymama said...

I reuse our glass pb jars like crazy. also we have quite the stash of reuseable grocery bags that we're getting better at remembering to take to the grocery store. and of course cloth diapers and wipes limit our trash quite a bit compared to sposies.

CB said...

After you mentioned it on your blog, I've quit using shampoo (really!), cold turkey - and 2 weeks later, no more ponytails, and no more shampoo and conditioner bottles to throw away :) When I travel, it also saves me from hoarding those little teeny toiletry bottles from hotels/ forgetting them at other hotels/ putting them in little plastic baggies as I go through airport security. Now if I only had a way to cut down on long haul flights....

Vanessa said...

We use soap bars from past hotel stays as our handsoap rather than the liquid soap that comes in plastic bottles. And we are about to dive into the world of vermicomposting...which should be awesome at reducing our food-scrap waste.

Tiff said...

Yay! Thanks Mr. Noah!

Since I'll be seeing you three sometime between December 24th and January 11th (when Justin and I will be in Boston), I'll just pick up my cool bag when I see you all!