Sunday, January 22, 2012

Elimination Communication and Weaning...

Noah is sleeping in his own room, and I feel the need to announce to to the world. He was probably ready a while ago, but we've been traveling (one room for all of us) and Noah never had a room in our Boston apartments. Nor a bed, for that matter. No more! He has an incredible room. Eug and I will soon have our own cupboard and a bed, and maybe even a table that looks out on the mountain while we work. Aaah, dreams.

Noah's room has led to all kinds of developments. First, Noah is going to sleep at night by himself (wowy wow. Ok, it's kind of after a lot of stalling and some whining) and may well be weaned. In the knick of time, since he had started to grab my breasts and say "brea! More?! Please?!" In the end, it wasn't intentional, but my body was tired in the heat and moving and I sort of just dried up.

Second, Noah is incredibly amenable to using a potty again. We were gifted my great-grandmother's old green potty, and Noah loves it. This will be the 5th generation using this metal glazed potty. After almost a full year of no elimination communication, Noah is happily toddling off to use the potty, and is without a diaper during the day mostly without incident. Elimination communication seems to have been a big part of this, together with hot weather and wooden floors that can be wet. It may continue this way, it may not. My hope is avoid having two babies in diapers, but I'm trying not to convey that pressure to Noah, who- I need to remind myself- is still quite small. Maybe I can just go all the way hippy and not use diapers for Tiny Blob. Perhaps.

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