Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Meal Planning

Over at Frugal Girl, I've always admired that Kristen has a menu plan. There was a time when I kind of did- to the extent that carbs for each night were defined, but it didn't end up working in the long term, because I didn't have the right things to go with cous cous, for example.

After a week of walking to the grocery every day, I decided to try out a menu, mainly so that we shop once a week, if we're lucky when we borrow my parent's car. I thought I'd share the menu for the next few weeks. We have two pots, two pans, and a roasting dish and nowhere to sit, so the goal at the moment is pretty low-bar: don't eat out, and eat fruit and vegetables every day. This menu has more meat than usual because I cooked a chicken yesterday, and because we're having a steak instead of eating out. I figure the best steak we can find is a ton cheaper than Eug and I buying a meal at a fast food joint.

It's also very hot at the moment, and electricity is extremely expensive. So I cooked the chicken and potatoes, and peppers at the same time as our bread for the week.

Monday Pasta + Left over pasta sauce
Tuesday Roast Chicken + Potatoes + Vegetables on sale (turned out to be broccoli)
Wednesday Panini with roasted peppers, leftover chicken basil and cheese
Thursday Soup w/leftover chicken + Sourdough Naan
Friday Celebration night: Steak and a bag of potato chips
Saturday Fried Rice with Egg and mushrooms
Sunday Left over Risotto w/green pepper and mushrooms


Left over risotto in fridge (Eug)
1 pack Instant Noodles (Eug)
Sourdough Bread (Jo)
Plain yoghurt
Soup, maybe if we need it.

Chocolate muffins, if there are any left
melon or mangoes

Shopping List
Remember shopping bags!
Think trash!
Pineapple or melon or mango
1 Red and 1 Yellow pepper
Vegetable on Sale
Small Pies (2)
Roast Chicken (roast chicken pieces?)
Steak (1)
Milk (2)
Cheese (large)

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