Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Immigrating Home

Thanks to huge amounts of support from family, we're doing well, but immigrating is a discomforting and stressful experience, even when one is immigrating home. With S.A. as a reference point, banks in the U.S. seem more innocent (though they aren't), foods more varied (though they aren't), and surprisingly to me, the cost of stuff seems lower in the U.S. 

We're gradually making our way around. Learning where to go for what, and so on. Observatory feels very different from Plumstead (where my parents live), as we walk everywhere. Actually, we could bike, but assembling our bikes turned out to be harder than expected, mainly because there were no instructions in the box. But anyway, walking slows down the day in a good way. Errands seem kindof fun. Cooking and cleaning and trying to figure out how to fix up our place is a full time job, but we have other full time jobs (Noah, working, studying). So I guess it's ok that internet takes weeks and weeks to set up.

The view from our bedroom window is pretty incredible: the edge of Table Mountain and uhh... Devil's peak? Every night the clouds roll over as though there's going to be a massive storm, but they disappear into nothing.

And, after the most incredibly high tech ultrasound, little blob is a boy again. He was a girl to me until this afternoon. I had come to love the idea of a little girl, but a little boy feels just right. I couldn't love Noah any more than I do already, and I figure it would have been the same with the little girl, or little boy, as it happens. 

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leah said...

I knew there was a reason I was holding off on sewing tiny baby dresses...