Sunday, December 30, 2007

Are these really trees?

As some of you know, I waited with anxious anticipation for the Arbor Foundation to send me my 10 free trees, in exchange for joining the Arbor Day Foundation. I waited, waited, and waited, expecting that any day the postman would be really angry with me for making him carry unwieldy trees to our doorstep.

But he wasn't angry.

He wasn't angry at all. Because what he brought was a little plastic wrapped bag that felt like it couldn't have more than a twig in it. And it wasn't even one of my trees. It was all 10, wrapped together.

I planted them in one pot, because I thought the best solution may be to let them grow a bit then turn them into bonsais. But who knows if they are alive. oh well...

The Trees


In other news, we saw some upside down trees at the Massachusetts museum of contemporary art. Unsurprisingly, they don't like being upside down so seem to die after about a year of it. It's an interesting intersection of science and art, though!

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