Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Greatness of Pure Cranberry Juice

In probably my favourite class at Wellesley, I got to test out the antibiotic properties of cranberry juice (staph, e-coli, strep bacteria) in-vitro. The results were amazing: even dilute, fairly fake cranberry juice had significant anti-bacterial properties when tested on staph and e-coli. Since then, I've thought really highly of the juice. It's one of those great, natively New England, creations!

It is really bitter. I think this means you don't drink as much of it, which is probably ok. A little goes a long way with cranberry juice, especially when a bottle of pure cranberry juice is pretty expensive (around $4.89 at Trader Joe's). In addition to be strongly antibiotic, it is also rich in vitamin C. It's antibiotic properties make it very effective against oral bacteria. It has dietary fiber.

And it just tastes healthy enough to make you feel healthy, which is powerful in and of itself. An article in the New York Times this week reports a study of 44 hotel maids who, when they changed their idea of their exercise level, they experienced significant health benefits. That is, without actually changing what they did, awareness that hotel work was physical activity made them lose weight and helped lower their blood pressure. It was a small sample, but it's a compelling thought! (

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