Friday, January 8, 2010


I'm just back from South Africa where I was impressed by all the creative ways that my family was making things beautiful- from my sister's family's nightly fireside "fun times", to incredible collections of succulents and orchids in my brother's home, to photography, to knowing how much meat to bring to the braai and creating wedding centrepieces. Particularly as I prepare for our first baby, I felt a little nostalgic for all the homey things that, being here in Boston, I don't seem to have learned just yet.

I was recently encouraged on this front, and I wanted to share for those of you who are coming at creativity and beauty from a faith perspective:
1. Sometimes you can just do something beautiful for God. Leading in culture doesn't mean focusing on art as a means to an end.
2. Practice is better than perfection. If I keep practicing, I'll inevitably improve.
3. Inspiration and creative growth can be supernatural.

Eug has a special calling to creativity as a designer and problem solver, and I felt inspired to keep on at this blog as an exercise. What about you?

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