Monday, January 11, 2010

A Not so Tiny House

Earlier in 2009 I wrote about our dream of having our very own tiny house. Part of our dream was about much more than the house itself (though tiny houses are supercool): it was a desire for a home, for the benefits of simplicity, for monthly bills that we could handle.
In December we found ourselves with all those desires fulfilled, although fulfilled with a sense of "now and not quite yet."

We didn't arrive in South Africa with the intention of buying a house, although we hoped to learn what we could to prepare to do that in the future. But we found ourselves in Observatory and fell in love with it. It's very close to the center of Cape Town, has a university feel, and is generally exactly what Eug and I like.

Miraculously, among the few houses we saw in Observatory, one was within our price range. It's a two bedroom semi-detached house we really loved, and were able to make an offer and sign on the day we left South Africa (see the white house on the right). We'll be renting it out in the short term, but it seems like a huge step towards our vision and hope for our future.


Jeff Purser said...

Congratulations! That's a huge step. Any pics of your "not so tiny house"?

ET said...

So exciting! Obs of all places... I miss it and am excited to have ONE fantastic reason to return one day.

catching up with your other posts =).