Wednesday, January 13, 2010

News Fast Day 3, and Growing

So, it's day 3 of the news fast and it's getting more difficult. I have plenty of time to think and write, which is great, but I also have a sense of being out of touch. I realized much of my knowing what's happening in friends' and family's lives depends on Facebook, rather than actual interaction.

I am also thinking a lot about being pregnant and becoming a parent in a city (and country) that's both expensive and very hardworking. The responsbility of doing things right-- planning right, eating right, exercising right, working right, sleeping right, avoiding stress-- can be overwhelming in a society that prides itself in having options (and perhaps any society). I've realized it's not a burden that's worth carrying, but it's also a burden that's hard to let go of!

In the midst of a lot of choices, my hope is that we can live below our means in the smallest place we can handle, continue to live without a car; and try to expose Little Blob to everything that's awesome about Boston- the beautiful gardens, great summer feel, the diversity, our church, friends, and being nearby Eug's family.

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ET said...

such an interesting concept Jo. Glad you and Little Blob are exploring thoughts together - I always go through a News Fast in Albania, though it is more the analysis that is lacking, rather than the bare facts. Reading the Economist once a week gives me sometimes a better understanding than reading newspapers every day... oh well - hugs from afar.