Monday, January 18, 2010

Your Planner and Bank Statement as Moral Documents: News Fast Day 6

Jo Hunter Adams

About a year ago I wrote about jubilee and economic justice. 2009 seemed to be a year of consolidation: paying off debt, learning to eat a bit differently; it was also year of awesome family gatherings. 2010 begins a new season-- our finances look different (and we no longer own stocks), we are both in different jobs, and becoming parents in May also signifies a major change in our lives. It's a good time to think about living intentionally.

Perhaps that's why Jim Wallis's description of our planners and our budget as "moral documents" seemed particularly pertinent. The question that this brings is "Does the way I spend my time and money reflect my core values?" It's very helpful for me to ask what it means to spend much of the week at work-- both for the time spent there, and for the time that remains. I like these questions, particularly when I (or Eug and I) reflect on choices that may be counter-cultural. Radical decisions seem much less extreme. If I believe in jubilee and in economic justice, how does that play out?

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