Sunday, May 8, 2011

Enjoying Seoul

I wanted to share my sister's blog. She recently began this blog, after years of writing. It's full of hope. Blogging is so fun because we glimpses of the people we already know. Perhaps we also get pathways to deeper conversations and mutual inspiration as we do life in the kitchen, or in the trenches, depending on metaphor preference.

A quick (live) post to interrupt the scheduled posts. My first visit to Korea has been full of quiet observation- noticing how people communicate and interact with one another-- as I'm not able to do much communicating myself. I'm able to understand a difficult period of my life-- when I was in a Korean church in the U.S.-- much better against the backdrop of our trip.

In hindsight, traveling with family for one week with a one year old probably wasn't our best idea, but it was an important trip. As I ponder how the trip could have gone better, I'm struck by the fact that Eug and I take once-in-a-lifetime trips almost every year, and how I can maintain a sense of wonder and learning through the stress of actual travel. Many of you readers are also travelers, and I wonder how you manage to make the most of this stage in your life?

I'm looking forward to reflecting more with you, as it's been several years since I traveled to a country other than South Africa or the U.S.

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