Monday, May 30, 2011

A Visit to the Aquarium

After a lot of waiting for the library pass to be available, we went on a trip to the aquarium. We thought it'd be educational for Noah. Hehe.

We took the train to make it more fun, and to avoid having to park in the garage.

The aquarium is great! It still costs $8 per person with the library pass. Noah actually just likes running around right now, so it's possible he would have enjoyed running around in Boston just as much, but perhaps the structure of the trip was as helpful for us-- getting us out and about-- and next time we'll just go and roll around on Boston Common... Unfortunately Bostonians are sun-starved and all gravitate to the same places the moment it gets warm. So it'll be a crowded summer, but it'll be good...


Bobsie Hunter said...

The photos of Noah's first aquarium visit are lovely even if he could have been anywhere else and still been happy!! :) Was it good for you? Hope so!

Concrete Gardener said...

Yes! Thank you- It was 40 minutes of awesomeness. It made me think of all those years you worked at the aquarium!