Monday, July 11, 2011

Inspiring, Exciting Urban Gardens in Boston (Part 2)

This is the second part of my look at small, unexpected edible gardens.  I've started in Allston, which is my neighborhood. Allston is a diverse mix of first or second generation immigrants, students, yuppies, with a backbone of older families who have lived here for a very long time (usually people whose children are already grown).

Just off Brighton Ave, I noticed a house with vegetables lining the side of the house:
Concrete Gardening at its best
Tomatoes line the gate, with peppers in pots about a foot behind the fence
Just across the road is a beautiful awning made of grapevine. Someone was harvesting the grape leaves when I walked past.  I love that it's become part of the house, and provides this beautiful shade, not to mention edible leaves and grapes.

Next door to the house above, was a house that, at first glance, was all lawn. But as I came closer, I noticed that they actually had potted tomatoes, basil and fennel. Perhaps the soil in the garden itself has issues.  Even one pot of food feels like a reminder of where our food comes from.

Lastly, very close to our house is a small garden with a peach and lime tree.  The lime tree was so tiny (two feet at most) yet so fruitful.  

Peaches in the city...

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