Monday, July 4, 2011

Inspiring, Exciting Urban Gardens in Boston

The next few weeks I'm going to highlight gardens around Boston: tiny, unexpected, beautiful gardens. I'm inspired by people trying to grow food in small spaces: it's incredible how much you are growing, but it's also landscape-changing and norm-changing to notice people growing even a few beans in their front gardens. In Boston proper, most back gardens are very shady because space is a premium, which leaves only the front garden for producing food.

To start, I wanted to share pictures of this totally unexpected sight: two tiny spaces at the entrance to a parking lot up Glenville Ave in Allston- at first glance they seem to be filled with weeds. Then I look closer, and I see beans, strawberries, fennel, nasturtium, basil. Beautiful and unexpected guerilla gardening here in Allston.

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