Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Call for Guest Posts

I've been writing posts on  a regular schedule the past few months and it's been wonderful. I write quite a bit, and the blog readership has grown in the past few months. I'd like very much for you to keep reading-- and have regularly scheduled posts to read--but I would also like to step back while I'm traveling.

So here's my plea for guest posts. I want to invite (*beg*) you to share posts (you can send to concrete gardenerblog@gmail), including posts you've already published on your own blogs. I'd love to connect readers of the blog to one another. Some of you already know each other, but others you don't know are hoping for really similar things, and the blog is small enough that we can connect meaningfully. It doesn't need to be long or deep.

Some ideas for posts:
1) Recipes
2) Wonderful things you've tried while repurposing, recycling or reducing trash.
3) Your experience with Worm Bins
4) Your take on Media Fasts
5) Things you're excited for in the short term, medium term, or long term.
6) A look at a part of your house or garden you love.
7) Your take on easy vs. more difficult life changes towards sustainability.
8) Your thoughts on giving-- internationally or locally.
9) Your thoughts on sustainability or work in the context of where you're living. We have readers living in the U.S., UK, SA, Australia, Hong Kong, Romania, Italy, France, Germany, Iran, and Israel, among others. Wherever you are, your context is really interesting to other people.
10) Another post that you'd be excited to have up on Concrete Gardener.
11) Uhh, anything.
12) I have a very low bar.

Please could you submit guest posts by 10/1/2011, so I can schedule them and let you know when they'll post. I'd love to hear your stories-- don't feel your story has to fit a certain mould-- stories reach and impact people in a million different ways.

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