Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our little Genius (Noah)

Noah is starting to talk and he responds to commands... I mean, requests.

He can say the following:

  • Eug
  • Cheese (sometimes hard to distinguish from "Eug")
  • Mama (food, mom)
  • Owl
  • Lion 
  • Grrrr

He responds to the following:

  • Noah, can you go and throw that in the trash? (He will go outside to the balcony, where we have our trash can, and throw stuff away)
  • Oh, you're upset I'm not with you right this second?  I have to go and pee. Want to come and watch me pee and flush the toilet? (He does.)
  • Here's a rag. Clean up your pee. (He does.)


Iris V said...

I loved it, sooo cute!!

EC said...

Haha, now we've to teach him "Ee!" That's an easy one. :)

Concrete Gardener said...

Yes! I think Ee may already be in the works. It's just a matter of timing.