Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Travel Itinerary

Hi everyone,

If you're around these places at these times, we'd love to see you! Here's our travel itinerary for the next few months:

Boston: Now-October 12
Myrtle Beach: October 12-15
Boston: October 16-October 31
Sedona, Arizona: November 1 -- November 6
Atlanta, Georgia: November 7
Milan, Italy: November 8- 17
Genoa, Italy: briefly, unless you'll be there.
Barcelona, Spain: November 19th
Cadiz, Spain: November 21st
Santa Cruz, Canary Islands: November 23rd
Dakar, Senegal: November 26th
Walvis Bay, Namibia: December 4th

Then Cape Town, for the indefinite future. Particularly in Dakar and Walvis Bay (but definitely in the other places, also!), we'd love to see friends and friends of friends. This is all new for us.

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